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 Esther Friedman Art Gallery

About me & my art

“Vibrant colors, the effect of light and shadow, texture, shape and lines, from realism to abstract expressionism is the world to which I immerse myself creating my art work.” “Subject matters, ranging from figures and still life to landscapes, are done in watercolor, oil, and mixed media. Subjects evoke my inner feeling and a desire to communicate those emotions with creativity on canvas, paper or any other picture plane support. I paint what I feel and what appeals to me and my mood at the time. The work just flows. It is very much a gut feeling, while using my acquired knowledge, and at the same time I am following my heart. I love the outcome, the beauty and the force as it all evolves into a finished art work. “

What others say:

Born in Israel, Esther grew up in Cleveland Ohio. She attended Cleveland State University, majored in Chemistry and later received her Bachelor of Science, School of Management, at the University of Texas at Dallas. There, she discovered her passion for art while studying with Ann Wiener in an art class for a non art major. As the art intrigued her she continued taking art classes at CCCC from Marie Renfro, who became her mentor.

Into the late hours of the day Esther plays with her art, creating art. Esther Friedman is an award-winning member of SWS, RCAS, PAA and Just Art Group.

Her art work has been accepted at many juried arts shows and has won awards in the Dallas Texas Ft. Worth area exhibitions, including “Best of Show”, and art scholarship grants. The artist’s art work is in private and public collections in the Richardson Texas Public Library and in Dallas Texas. Many works are in private collections in the United States, Israel and Switzerland.

Working on a new painting

“I find a new visual expression with every new painting by expressing my free and experimental approach to art from watercolors to collage to oils. I like rich bold colors, pigments, and paint texture to dance on the painting surface. I may use a pallet knife in a watercolor painting, and lots of water to see the flow of watercolor on the paper. When I work, I turn inward into a world where time lapses and I am intensely in a creative mood, and I go with it. As an artist I try to observe the beauty of the world that surrounds us and record it with emotions of the moment.”

Selected group exhibitions & awards

  • 2009 Southwestern Federation San Diago California, President Choice Award;
  • 2009 “Plano here, Plano there, Plano every where”, City Hall Exhibition at Plano, Texas;
  • 2008 Charles W. Eisemann Center, Richardson, Texas;
  • 2005, 2008 Exhibition at the Dallas Public Library on Frankford in Dallas, Texas.
“Find a new visual expression painting using free and experimental approach.”