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 Karen Newman White Art Gallery

About me & my art

”My art reflects the love for the natural world that began in early childhood among the lakes, rivers and forests of Michigan. This deep love continued while working with children as a nature interpreter here in Texas, and as a bird bander it continues with the privilege of being in a wetlands at sunrise. There I can listen to the last hoots of the owls and the morning concerto of the birds as the day begins and can watch the unfolding of the seasons.
These experiences have increased my appreciation of the intricacies of nature and have been the inspiration behind most of my etchings, linocuts and water media, which range in style from realistic to linear.

I find it ironic that the focus of my art is on the design and beauty of the natural world, yet I must be in a studio away from the outside world in order to create my work. The resulting etchings and linoleum cuts are not absolute reality, but instead portray the energy of wild birds and plants. In contrast, my water media works and drawings are gentle portrayals of the world as I perceive it. It is my hope that viewers will get a glimpse of that perception.”

What others say:

The opening of Collin College was the venue that provided the opportunities for Karen to grow as an artist, beginning with basic art courses and continuing into many years of portfolio classes in watercolor and printmaking. She finds that working with other artists, especially while on an annual 10 day paint - out provides her with the stimulation and focus that have helped the growth of her work. She frequently attends workshops with teaching artists.

She is a member of Southwestern Watercolor Society, Richardson Civic Art Association, and the Plano Art Association.

Working on a new painting

Her works have been shown in several exhibits in Dallas and Collin Counties and many of her works are in private collections. A work was published by the City of Plano in the book “Translating the Prairie”. She is the author and illustrator of “There’s Gold in the Wetlands” a book about wetlands and warblers.

Selected group exhibitions & awards

  • 2009 “Plano here, Plano there, Plano every where”, City Hall Exhibition at Plano, Texas;
  • Exhibition at Collin College, Plano, Texas;
  • Exhibition at Turley Gallery, Dallas, Texas;
  • Exhibition at Plano Civic Center, Plano, Texas;
  • Exhibition at Plano Art Center, Plano, Texas;
  • Exhibition at Renner Library, Dallas, Texas;
  • Exhibition at 14th St. Gallery, Plano, Texas.
”Every day brings something new to learn.”