Nita Leland Artist’s Dallas Workshop 

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Dallas Artists’ Showplace Workshop with Nita Leland is a Success Dallas. Ft. Worth art news: The Artists’ Showplace held a collage mixed media workshop with Nita Leland.   Many artists gathered in Dallas from around Texas to hear the Ohio artist and experiment with various mediums to explore and express oneself in art. “Workshops ought to […]

Jewish Rabbi Torah Painting, Watercolor Technique

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Esther Friedman Demo Jewish Rabbi in Watercolor Painting “I like rich bold colors, pigments, and paint texture to dance on the painting surface.  I may use a pallet knife in a watercolor painting, and lots of water to see the flow of watercolor on the paper.” The ceremonial that takes place every Jewish holiday, Friday night […]

Artist Techniques

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Plano, Texas Artists Techniques Just Art Texas artists produce artwork for the love of creating art.   Just Art artists share their experience to fellow artists to help each other in creativity, art critique etc.  Just Art mission states “Art is a creative journey seeking the truth within one’s self.” Trish Gulino Artist Plano, Texas Trish Gulino: “I […]

Texas Artists – Achievements

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Texas artists – Just Art achievements Just Art is a collection of artists in the Dallas Texas area displaying their art works online.  These Dallas artists are showing original art works for sale.  Their art is of modern and contemporary art as well as traditional fine art. Contact us at We are a group of artists who enjoys […]