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 Annette Brantzeg Art Gallery

About me & my art

”Painting is an exciting adventure in matching one’s passion and emotional involvement of an object, person or scene, with the physical expression of it.  I find it a thrilling experience to apply color, creating light, shadow, and design and watch a visual creation take form that oftentimes is surprising and fascinating in its development.  I have especially loved working in watercolor.  The medium itself has a mind of its own and it is so fascinating to partner with the paint, water, brush and paper to create a painting.  Oftentimes it becomes something totally different than what you might have planned.  The beauty of the transparent paint colors, combining with the fluid movement of the water creates wonderful designs and shapes.”

What others say:

Annette’s goal as an artist is to combine her inner passions and enthusiasm with the visual images she is able to observe.  The world around us is brimming with beauty and visual excitement.  She loves to capture these moments of reverence and delight on canvas.  Design, perspective, light, color, all increase the magic of the image to capture.

Her fascination with the world as seen through the eyes of children has been a special interest for Annette.  She watches them about their play and freezes these magical moments on film to bring to canvas… and with her brushes she then enhances the fanciful world surrounding them. 

Working on a new painting

Painting fulfills a lifetime passion... always striving to improve herself she works to capture the towering mountains, gentle meadows, crashing waves and delighted faces of the children.  She feels it an honor to be able to take brush in hand and with colors and imagination capture the exquisiteness of life, and to continue to grow in skill and abilities.

Selected group exhibitions & awards

  • 2009 “Plano here, Plano there, Plano every where”, City Hall Exhibition at Plano, Texas;
  • 2005, 2008 Exhibition at the Dallas Public Library on Frankford in Dallas, Texas.
“Learning the intricacies of each medium is a challenge.”