Artists Technique

Plano, Texas artists share their painting techniques

Just Art Texas artists produce artwork for the love of creating art.   Just Art artists share their experience to fellow artists to help each other in creativity, art critique etc.  Just Art mission states "Art is a creative journey seeking the truth within one's self."

Trish Gulino, Texas Artist's Print

Artist Trish Gulino shares her pen & ink drawing technique

Trish Gulino: "I have always felt at home with black and white. That is one reason I love to draw and have done so since 4th grade in Brooklyn, NY, feeling compelled to cover every blank piece of paper I could find. By using these two "colors", I was able to concentrate on the values that define shape and form, without the further complication of a color wheel.  I need to work out  the composition, the balance, and the focal point using values alone. I will work out much of this in my mind before I ever start a preliminary sketch. I need to picture the turn of a head, the curve of a hand, and the drape of a garment before I touch pencil to paper. Once and idea has had time to solidify, I usually know what medium the work needs to be expressed with. That determines if I make a print, a watercolor, acrylic or mixed medium painting or a detailed pen and ink drawing..  I occasionally like to do the same composition in a few mediums to see the effect. "

Artist Annette Brantzeg shares her painting technique

Annette Brantzeg: "The more I paint, the greater my skill, and the closer I come to meshing my inner passions with the capturing of the lig ht and images I see.  It is a special delight to see the children come to life on the canvas... captured in their enchanted moments.  It is an honor to be able to take brush in hand and with colors and imagination capture the exquisiteness of life, and to continue to grow and increase my abilities."