How to buy art online?

Artwork online

Just Art artists are showing original art works online.  Their art is of modern and contemporary art as well as traditional fine art. Contact the artist at . You can view the artworks enlarged to see details.  Find the paintings that you like and contact the artist directly with the name of the art noted.   The artist will be delighted to answer your questions regarding their art.

No foreign or overpayment check. Check must be cleared for two weeks before art is mailed!

How much does shipping cost?

Artists usually ship original artworks with special care and packaging, with major couriers/shippers. Shipping and handling costs of certain bulky or delicate pieces is individually calculated and provided to you before your final purchase. Most oil paintings are shipped stretched (i.e., on a wooden stretcher that goes behind the painting). Occasionally, a larger painting may be shipped rolled (i.e., removed it from the stretcher) due to the requirements of the shipper or to reduce the possibility of any damage. If a painting is shipped rolled, you can simply take it to a qualified local frame shop and have it stretched on a wooden stretcher.

Color pencil art of a duck

Return Policy:

Ask if you are entitled to cancel your order, in part or in full, at any time prior to the works being dispatched to you.

Damaged Items:

Take a few moments to inspect the packaging prior to signing for, and accepting delivery of your order.  You should open it immediately, in the presence of the delivery company representative, before signing for it. Inspect the contents: if they are damaged you should either refuse to accept delivery or get a signed statement from the delivery company representative stating that the contents were damaged in transit. In both cases, please contact the artist or gallery immediately so that they can follow it up with the delivery company.


How long does it take for my art to arrive?

It is best to only use well known and reliable delivery companies, such as UPS, FedEx who are able to provide a consistent, reliable global service. Look to ensure that your order is dispatched via a service that provides an online tracking number so that you can view the progress of your order and know when to expect delivery. The artwork is shipped from artist studios or gallery dealers. Sometimes your desired artwork may be a part of an ongoing exhibition and may not be immediately available for shipment. In such cases, the artist will inform you of such delay and the anticipated shipment date. Once the artwork is shipped, it will normally arrive at your address, within a matter of days. Since certain artworks are delicate to handle and may require special permitting causing delays on rare occasions.

Will my artwork arrive with the frame?

Most artwork arrives unframed. This allows us to keep shipping costs as low as possible and lets you select the framework of your choice. If you want to cancel or change an order, email the artist directly. Any information that is collected from you during your purchase should be protected, and your personal information should never leave the seller’s database without your permission.

Radha Chatterjee, contemporary art by Texas artist


Scammers pay with cashier’s checks larger than the purchase price & ask the balance be sent to third party.

    • No matter how sweet the deal, don’t get involved in any sale where the buyer wants you to accept a check for an inflated amount and refund the overage, including any foreign checks.
    • If you accept a cashier’s check as payment for something you have sold, make sure it has cleared the issuing bank before you refund any money or surrender possession of the item. It may take two to three weeks for the banking system to determine the check is counterfeit, so even if the funds look like they’re available (and even if your bank tells you they are), hold onto whatever it was you sold and the funds you received for it for three weeks.
    • Photo the person and his driver license and keep any surveyance video on file.
    • If you have been bilked, call the U.S. Secret Service at
    • (202) 406-5572
    • or write to U.S. SecretService, Financial Crimes Division, 950 H St. N.W., Washington, DC 20223. Also, call your state attorney general’s consumer protection division.