Jewish art donated to Plano Texas


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Just-Art Artists Are Offering A Unique Painting To A New Jewish Temple In Plano, Texas:

Every Friday night before sunset, the Shabbat candles have welcomed the holiness of Shabbat into the Jewish home for thousands of years.  The primary function of lighting the Shabbat candles is to bring peace and tranquility into the home and enter into the spiritual sense of the Shabbat.  Behind covered eyes, Jewish women throughout history have whispered private prayers to GOD in front of these Shabbat candles. Just Art artists feature a unique work of art based on this Jewish Symbolism, the Shabbat Candles.   The ten Texas artists have created this art with a goal to bring understanding between people of all cultures and religions through the arts.   Just Art painting involves the creation of an image based upon the groupings of 12X12 inch canvases of the individual artist’s choice of imagery of the Shabbat candles (Shabbat is Hebrew for Saturday, the day of rest.  It starts Friday eve at sundown and ends at sundown Saturday eve), a major Jewish theme.

Just Art artists are offering this unique painting to a new temple in Plano Texas, Nishmat Am. Each individual canvas shows beautiful lighted Shabbat candles done in oil and acrylic paint. Sections of the artwork evolve from realistically detailed images, while others are abstract interpretation, different in concept, color, and texture. These original artworks put together as one large painting give a worldly perspective of different artists capturing a wonderful unpredictability. And the unique artwork, depicting a Jewish theme, is particularly captivating because the artists are Christians, Jewish, Hindus, and some who profess no religion. This united artwork expresses the common thread of every religion, the belief in a higher force, and understanding of other religious practices and traditions.

The ten Texas artists consider this artwork their most unusual accomplishment to date.   Each section in color or black & white personifies the individual artist.   The unique process began with an idea and ended with an assortment of individual works put together as one painting, with elements of Shabbat Candles as the common motif.  Each piece tells a story derived from the individual artist’s interpretation of the subject, with the unique characteristics of her art. This painting is a visual tale to ponder and to enjoy.

The new Just Art online gallery can be viewed at  These artists are working in a wide variety of media from oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings to drawings, print work, pastels and colored pencil.  The artists work in styles ranging from realism to impressionism to modern art abstraction. Subjects range from figurative art to landscape or still life.