Texas Artists Painting About…

What do the artists paint about?

The Dallas artists create paintings about many subjects including painting of people in their environment.  There are paintings of children and painting of women, paining about love and relationship.  Paintings of animals, flowers, painting of water and abstract.  All represent the artist creativity.

Karen White, Texas Cactus Painting, acrylic

Artist Karen White shares on what she is painting about

Karen White: “My art reflects the love for the natural world that began in early childhood among the lakes, rivers and forests of Michigan. This deep love continued while working with children as a nature interpreter here in Texas, and as a bird bander it continues with the privilege of being in a wetlands at sunrise. There I can listen to the last hoots of the owls and the morning  concerto of the birds as the day begins and can watch the unfolding of the seasons. “

Artist Radha Chatterjee shares her thoughts

Radha Chatterjee: “For Radha, art is a window to harmony and color. She tries to keep the pigments fresh but simultaneously experiments with value and composition. According to her, making art is a type of catharsis, and it brings to her joy and tranquility.“