Art Exhibition: “Here Today and Gone Tomorrow”

Esther Friedman Oil Painting Dallas TX -Treasure Found

Esther Friedman’s art represents Texas “Being Green” as of today’s theme for the Plano, Texas art show. Environmentally green, lush, and beautiful is a desire for our world. “Just Art” artists of Dallas Texas, take the “Green “theme to create an inspiring example of the beauty of yesterday and the natural beauty of today.

Even in the shifting population challenges of modern society, these eleven artists portray beauty in the world as it exists and as they remember from times past. Through these artists’ perspectives, “we reflect on the effect of past, present, and future living in the shadow of climate changes and urban growth.” Perhaps the memories of yesteryear have sweetened the actual experiences, but these painters’ skilled talents capture them. Maybe the hopes of the future hold even more exceptional beauty, which paints and brushes portray.

Just Art artists collectively have created a stimulating array of visual experiences telling about our world as they see it.