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Artist: Edna Goldstein

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River Falls - Edna Goldstein Art

About me & my art

“For me, the painting process is an exciting adventure and emotional involvement of an object, person, or scene, with the physical expression. I find it a thrilling experience to apply color, creating light, shadow, and design and watch a visual creation take a form that often is surprising and fascinating in its development.

I especially love working in water medium acrylics. The medium itself has a mind of its own and it is so fascinating to partner with the paint, water, brush, objects, and paper to create a painting. Oftentimes it becomes something totally different than what you might have planned. The beauty of the transparent paint colors, combined with the water’s fluid movement, creates beautiful designs and shapes.

I work out the composition, the balance, and the focal point using values. Light brings objects to life. I have always been fascinated by the way light defines an object or space. I start with the primary placement of the objects and choose the colors for my shapes and composition. I add the shadows and the highlights.

I proceed by layering on fluid wash after wash to create the depth.
When painting non-objectively, I create a world of shape, light, and color abstractly. The captured light defines spatial relationships in subtle ways. Follow the path of light within the boundaries of the canvas. And you will find your way into the heart of the world I have created.”

What others say:

Edna Goldstein was born in Israel and moved with her family to the USA. She started her art career after retirement. The Florida artist is continually taking classes to enhance her painting skills. 

Edna’s goal as an artist is to combine her inner passions and enthusiasm with the visual images she observes. The world around us is brimming with beauty and visual excitement. She loves to capture these moments of reverence and delight on canvas. Design, perspective, light, color, all increase the magic of the image.

Shimmering Lights By the Sea - Edna Goldstein Art

Edna Goldstein Art Gallery

Colors in Nature

“At times, I paint water and nature against human-made structure like a city. Seascape can be very calm and serene or intensely and immensely landscape.” The Florida artist loves to paint with vivid colors in acrylic paint. The painting fulfills a lifetime of passion. She always strives to improve herself. He tried to capture the vast landscape of the Florida ocean and gentle streams. It provokes her imagination of colors in nature.

Mystic Trees - Edna Goldstein Art

“Painting nature using free and experimental approach.”