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Cowboy - Helena Castro Figurative Texas Ar

About me & my art

”Growing up in Colombia, South America, I was in the presence of innate beauty, the turbulent power, and often the fragility of the natural world, of which I am a part. Art is my visual expression of memories and journey through life, my reactions to people, places, and events.

My art is, I hope, sincere feelings expressed. For me to grow as an artist, it is vital to experiment. When I think of creating an abstract painting, I use lines, colors, and values that range from light to dark, convey movement and feelings, and capture essence and excitement.”

What others say:

Luz Helena Castro, Colombian, an architecture graduate, had her first contact with painting still during her university period. She started her art career, from inputs acquired in the visual communication course, and swiftly switched to research on other techniques, such as Watercolor, oil on canvas, acrylic, etc.

At the university, Helena took art history, visual programming, sculpture, and ceramics, among others. She took illustration and photography courses at the New School for Social Research in New York, six years of Watercolorwatercolor classes at the Collin County Community College in Plano, Texas.

From there on, the artist turned herself into a self-taught artist. She had during the 70s private instruction with several of the best-known painters in Colombia, such as the late Carlos Rojas and Jorge Negret, both cubist artists. She has participated in several collective and private exhibitions in Colombia and the USA.

Houston Texas Artist Helena Castro Painting Nature - Eagle

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Fishing - Helena Castro

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“Art is my visual expression of memories and journey through life, reactions to people, places, and events. Nature is my constant source of wonder and appreciation, beauty, and hope. For me to grow as an artist, it is vital to experiment.”

Selected group exhibitions & awards

  • 2009 “Plano here, Plano there, Plano every where”, City Hall Exhibition at Plano, Texas;
  • 2005, 2008 Exhibition at the Dallas Public Library on Frankford in Dallas, Texas.
Helena Castro Painting Nature - Butterfly

“Art is visual personal expression of memories & journey through life”