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Artist: Rachel Wolman

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Abstract Scene - Rachel Wolman art

About me & my art

“The world around us is brimming with beauty and visual excitement. I particularly like to paint nature and people. From the beginning of my artistic endeavors, I have worked in various mediums, beginning first in oil, moving to acrylic, watercolor, and collage. As I have a keen eye for attention to detail, I find working a painting that requires me to focus entirely and render detail in this very finely tuned manner, to be very stimulating and challenging.”

She uses a brush and paints to capture her imaginary world. As an artist, Rachel’s goal is to combine her inner passions and enthusiasm with the visual images she can observe. She loves to capture these moments of reverence and delight on canvas. Design, perspective, light, color, all increase the magic of the image to obtain.

What others say:

Born and raised in Israel, Rachel is an advocate for a peaceful solution to the Middle East. She lived with her family in the USA for a few short years. With her Bachelors’s degree in Education, she helped many youngsters to love our world. She discovered her passion for painting fine arts upon retirement. Rachel continues her artistic endeavor by taking classes. It is a great place to meet other artists and to continue to enhance her skills.

Yellow Flower - Rachel Wolman Art

Rachel Wolman Art Gallery

Abstract Red Flowers - Rachel Wolman Art

Working on a new painting

“I start with an essential reading of the colors for my shapes and composition. I begin to add the shadows and the highlights to brings the painting to life. The captured light defines spatial relationships in subtle ways. When painting, I create a world of shape, light, and color. I want the viewers to follow the path of light within the boundaries of the canvas.” 

“I like vibrant, bold colors, and paint texture on the painting surface. Emotions, situations, and circumstances influence my envision of a figure painting. Make your compositional arrangement unique and place the subject people accordingly.”

Favorite medium: oil, and acrylic. Favorite subjects: figurative painting, nature and landscape.

"Creating art captures the essence of the subject and bring joy and tranquility to me."