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Texas Artists, Share Their Painting Techniques

Just Art Texas artists produce artwork for the love of creating art. Just Art artists share their experience with fellow artists to help each other in creativity, art critique, etc. Just Art mission states, “Art is a creative journey seeking the truth within oneself.”

“I love to draw and paint using computer art and even more using paint and brush on a canvas. I use values that define shape, form, and composition,” Ilan Sela.

Candle Domino - Esther Friedman Modern Art
VIvid Landscpe - Edna Goldstein

Artist Edna Goldstein shares her painting technique

“The more I paint, the higher my skill, and the closer I come to meshing my inner passions with the capturing of the light and images I see. It is a particular delight to see the colors come to life on the canvas caught in their movements. I try to keep the pigments fresh but simultaneously experiments with value and composition. I want to continue to grow and increase my painting abilities.”

Jewish Rabbi & Torah Painting in Watercolor Demo

Esther Friedman: “I like rich, bold colors, pigments, and paint texture to dance on the painting surface. I may use a pallet knife in a watercolor painting, and lots of water to see the flow of watercolor on the paper.”

Jewish Rabbi Painting Step by Step

The ceremonial of holding the Torah takes place every Jewish holiday, Friday night and Shabbat in Jewish temples all over the world. Shabbat, the Hebrew word for Saturday, the day of rest, is an expression of unity, family, tradition, honor, and respect for one’s faith and ancestors.

Rabbi Holding Torah - Esther Friedman Jewish Art
Ladies End Their Meeting - Rachel Wolman

Artist Rachel Wolman shares her technique, acrylic painting Demo

Rachel Wolman: “I like vibrant, bold colors, and paint texture on the painting surface. Emotions, situations, and circumstances influence my envision of a figure painting. Make your compositional arrangement unique and place the subject people accordingly.”

“I began “Ladies End Their Meeting” by drawing the figures loosely on the canvas and express their gesture. Let the content of the background guide you. I establish the background first with colors. I use heavy body paint utilizing the opaque layer to build a bone structure and create a form. Progressively. I continue to work on each element individually and add more accurate local colors in more specific areas. At times, I apply paint with a palette knife is an instant way to make your work look painterly. Also, I add more and more refinement with each additional layer. When I want realistic details, I use a small, fine brush carefully to paint the final details.”