Jewish Rabbi Torah Painting, Watercolor Technique

Esther Friedman Painting Torah Scriber

Esther Friedman Demo of “Jewish Rabbi” in Watercolor Painting

Jewish Rabbi’s watercolor painting instructions can help you create watercolor landscapes effectively.

“I like rich, bold colors, pigments, and paint texture to dance on the painting surface. I may use a pallet knife in a watercolor painting, and lots of water to see the flow of watercolor on the paper.”

Carrying of the Torah ceremonial takes place every Jewish holiday, Friday night and Shabbat in Jewish temples all over the world. Shabbat, the Hebrew word for Saturday, the day of rest, is an expression of unity, family, tradition, honor, and respect for one’s faith and ancestors.

Esther Friedman Jewish Art Rabbi Cohen

Final painting in watercolor of  “Jewish Rabbi” holding the Torah

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