Painting With Artist Nita Leland

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Dallas Artists Workshop with Nita Leland is a Success

DFW art news: a collage mixed media workshop with Nita Leland. Many artists gathered in Dallas from around Texas to hear the Ohio artist and experiment with various mediums to explore and express oneself in art.

“Workshops ought to be fun as well as informative, a place where you can learn to master color, unlock your creativity, and find your style. Practice your artistic skills in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere conducive to learning and developing self-confidence,”, says Nita Leland.

Artist Leland shared her vast knowledge with the Texas artists. According to Nita, “Fine art collage is a wonderful medium. I especially enjoy working on textured rice paper, because creases in the paper create interesting textures that enhance the surface. In magazine collage, it’s fun to use unexpected combinations to add humor to a design” words are from the artist’s website.

A multitude of artistic techniques presents a mixed media painting workshop. Various mediums and working methods used. The artist talked about design to composing works and the importance of elements like shape, value, rhythm, contrast, and balance. The use of color was discussed, in addition to a video, samples, and demonstrations to help the Texas artists dive in and enjoy the experimental work themselves. Scraps of magazine papers used, object encasing on paper and gel medium where the thought of the day.

This artistic mixed media workshop is a road to one’s artistic development through visual art experience. As the artists “dirty” their fingers, a multitude of creative artworks started to emerge, often transformed to complete finished paintings and found inspiration. The Texas artists were fascinated by the variation of the works of art developing as they dabbled in the experimental venues given by artist Leland.

At this workshop, Just Art artist Esther Friedman created several new mixed media arts. “America’s Heroism, Broken Heart, Broken Links” was created with cut-out magazine articles about American wars, old Fourth of July flyer, and personal journal. For the painting entitled “Shabbat Memories,” the Texas artist used colored paper for shading to depict the entrance of Friday night in an American traditional Jewish home.

Also, several works of the artists that were at the creative workshop are on display as a demonstration of beautiful and exciting pieces that created; several pieces are work in progress.