Sandi D’Alessandro Watercolor Painting Demo

Mixed Media Abstract Painting Dallas Texas

Sandi D’Alessandro Artists’ Workshop in Dallas

Dallas, Texas art news – The Artist held a water media workshop. Many artists gathered in Dallas from around Texas to hear the artist and experiment with water medium to explore and express oneself in art.

Sandi works primarily with acrylics. “This medium allows for versatility in creating textures, transparent and opaque effects, which I scratch and lift off to unveil the images,” says Sandi D’Alessandro.

Texas Art Abstract Painting Dallas-DFW
Mixed Media Texas Art Painting Dallas DFW
Mixed Media Abstract Painting Dallas Texas

The artist shared her vast knowledge with the Texas artists. According to Sandi, “The artistic process encourages play, taking risks and exploration as part of the art-making. My goal is to achieve an overall painterly quality that allows the viewer to continue looking beyond the obvious, to find meaning each time they view the painting”.

Sandi D’Alessandro teaches art at Hidden Valley High school in Roanoke, VA. The Texas artists were fascinated by the variation of the works of art emerging as they dabbled in the experimental venues given by Sandi. Small 5X5 studies are done over and over again for creative ideas or just as a push for getting back into painting. At this workshop, Just Art artists Mary Truelove, Radha Chatterjee, and Esther Friedman created several new water media artwork.

Also, several works of other artists at the creative workshop are on display as a demonstration of beautiful and exciting pieces. Several pieces are work in progress.

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